Our world is becoming more industrialised by the day and our modern lifestyle is taking its toll on our health and wellness. This has led to an increase in a number of physical and physiological problems as a result of a more and more sedentary (passive) lifestyle. Adults and kids spend an increasing number of time in front of screens (TV, computers and mobile phones). Couple this with fast food diets and the large amount of time we spend sitting and you have a recipe for a variety of problems such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, addiction, sleep deprivation, stress, etc.   The Green Sport Foundation is a non-profit organisation creating awareness and solutions for these problems by helping people to reconnect with nature through outdoor sport and recreational activities and in the process educate people about the importance of our natural environment. We are not at all against technology or a modern society but want to show people that spending time being active in nature can help us find the correct balance in our lives.

Ten benefits of exercising in nature:

- Improves mental well-being
- Provides variety to your workouts
- Relieves stress and anxiety
- Creates awareness of your natural environment
- Distracts from everyday worries
- Reduces blood pressure
- More oxygen from fresh air
- More Vitamin D from sunlight
- Is cost effective
- Can be a spiritual experience

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Our mission is four-fold: To create opportunities for participation in nature based sport and recreational activities. To educate participants about the importance of conserving our natural environment. To aid the development of nature based (green) sports. To create awareness about the dangers of a passive, modern lifestyle.


To reach a worldwide audience and get people playing and participating outside in nature to ultimately create a healthier and happier society that cares about their well-being and that of the natural world that surrounds us.